Seat thieves

You read that right. Thieving thieves are thieving seats. The least I would like to do is kick their shins but since I don’t know who they are and I am a bit of a coward, a rant on a blog will have to do.

On Sunday, I went to Rainbow Grocery in the middle of the afternoon and parked my bike at their bike parking on Folsom street. When I was done with my shopping, my bike seat had disappeared! Wtf! Granted, it was a quick-release but people shouldn’t take other peoples’ bike seats just because they can.

That evening I went back to Rainbow (my companions and myself have many collective sweet teeth which require frequent trips for treats) and walking out I saw another bike at the Folsom parking with its seat missing.

Now, I’m still in my positive constructive SF mode so this post will actually end with a very constructive piece of advice: according to the empathetic security guard who seemed happy that I relieved him from his boredom, there is bike parking inside the Rainbow parking lot and if you park your bike there there is no risk of theft because the entrance is always dutifully guarded. I dutifully took note and shall always park my bike there and I am also dutifully passing the tip on to you, dear handful of readers. Although maybe you have more common sense/less trust than me and already do this anyway.