Happy Spring

Ok, so this is SF and I guess we’re supposed to be positive and say “awesome” all the time and my last few posts have been a bit grouchy. So here’s a picture of our beautiful bridge on Norooz, the Persian New Year.


Norooz, which translates to “New Day”, happens on the exact day and moment of the spring equinox (this year it was on March 20th) and is then celebrated for two weeks. Sure, it was foggy and drizzling when I took this picture, and I was shivering on my bike thinking about soup instead of the spring outing I had envisaged – pushing up the Marin Headlands in a joyous baptism of sunshine and fresh air…  Nevertheless, the equinox did occur, spring is here, and Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful even in the fog.

Safe and happy biking to you all!