Bike Trip!

I’m going to Davis this weekend to attend this symposium and spend time with other byclists. I’ll be biking there – pics will follow!

In the meantime, here is a picture of a turtle sunbathing in Stowe lake.



An honest debate

At the SFMTA meeting last Tuesday, director Ed Reiskin unabashedly stated that safety will have to be traded off to minimize parking loss (at 0:36:10). His priorities are shameful, but at least things are clear.

I’ll comment on only one of the other many questionable points: he states that while 15% of people arrive on Polk by car, that percentage is still substantial and that to affect it would negatively impact businesses whose profit margins are already low (at 1:14:27). Aside from demonstrating the ludicrous and morally corrupt perspective that I’ve already discussed, that statement is also plainly obtuse. Even if people in cars were to visit Polk street in smaller numbers, this would be more than made up by the increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians.

Hence, all is good, money will still be made.